Kori Hana is a student who attends Alucard Preparatory School and the main protagonist of Generation X. His weapon of choice is a rapier.

He first appears in the Fast and Ferocious Character Short walking around his home town, Soleanna, and reminiscing about how he obtained admission into Alucard Prep, which was through the special skills program. Kori attends Alucard Prep to be with his childhood friend and help the world by learning more about it. During his time their, he becomes part of a mandatory group consisting of his childhood friend, Nensho Kaen, his rival, Daku Tamashi, and unwanted friend, Dai Tenshi.

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Kori is a dark skinned young boy with pale blue eyes and long black hair dyed white, pulled to the back in ponytail with one strand sticking out with his original black hair color. His ears are pointed resembling that of an elf's.

He wears a sleeveless navy blue hooded jacket with white ribbon to keep it together, a gold waist cinchers over a silver blazer coat tail. He also wears tight black leggings, light blue heeled boots with a pointed edge from the calf to halfway to the knee and silver soles, and blue night gloves with white tips on each finger and a ice resin ring on his left hand's ring finger. He also has a green jungle feather earing on each ear with silver clips.

In addition to having a battle outfit, Kori also has a spirit animal quirk by having wolf ears. They let him sense things from far away or sense things like traces of chemicals for investigating or incoming attacks in battle.

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In order to keep his team together, Kori had to learn to be a decisive leader both in and out of school and battle. being and to formulate and execute plans with his teammates, such as projects for school and fighting giant tough foes in battle.

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